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Saltwater batteries

Salt battery output:

Energy stored in the non-hazardous battery available to be used domestically or commercially as and when needed/desired.

  • Advantages


Saltwater batteries are safe.  The composition of salt this category as opposed to lead acid and lithium in the system makes it safe to have around and even to transport.  For this reason they also require no certification eg ADR for transportation. There is no fire risk.


Saltwater batteries are durable and where properly protected can last beyond the life span of the Solar panels in use, making them durable and robust compared to the other energy storage batteries in the market. 

Easy to Recycle

Saltwater batteries are easy to recycle as they do not use harmful materials. As they gain popularity across the world, it is easier to place a recycling process for battery materials.

Easy to Maintain

Saltwater batteries are not affected by full discharge which in turn does not affect the life cycle of the storage system. Control of the power storage is done by a powerful energy management system which optimizes the self-generated consumption of the photovoltaic and the storage

Assembly & Installation

We ensure pre-assembly of your salt water, transport, deliver and install as per your requirements.

Add on

  1. Optimal Battery control

  2. Charge your car with photovoltaic energy

  3. Heat pump add on

  4. Hot water add on


The battery will tolerate wide operating temperatures, partial state of charge cycling, and daily deep cycling – with minimal degradation and capacity loss, unlike their lead acid counterparts. This will provide serious safety and sustainability advantages.

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