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Our mission is to generate and use an affordable solar power system as a community, through our innovative use of solar panels, a salt battery and a solar sub-station.

Solar panel output:

These revolutionary panels will provide a super sustainable vehicle to convert solar energy to electricity. While the panels usually cost households about £4K to install, the solar energy system that they facilitate will more than pay for itself over a 20-year lifetime.

In the UK, households can currently earn money for exporting solar panel energy to the grid. Yet this payoff will be multiplied if the power generated is used in the home. With the help of a mini substation, we will house either a communal connection from the panels to the grid or a domestic connection from the panels to the likes of a salt battery, respectively.


The resulting energy can be utilised by the community immediately… or stored in a non-hazardous battery for domestic use as and when needed/desired.

Salt battery output:

Energy stored in the non-hazardous battery will be used domestically as and when needed/desired.


·       Using a non-hazardous battery, households within the community will incur as little as an extra few pounds per month to store their solar power.

·       The battery used will be infinitely more environmentally friendly than lead acid batteries and even lithium-ion batteries, the kind that power electric cars.

·       The battery will tolerate wide operating temperatures, partial state of charge cycling, and daily deep cycling – with minimal degradation and capacity loss, unlike their lead acid counterparts. This will provide serious safety and sustainability advantages.

·       As the battery will be used to store solar panel energy for immediate or long-term use at home, households within community will reap serious financial benefits.

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